Since its inception in 2010, Awbury has grown to become a leading provider of comprehensive insurance protection and other structured solutions across a wide range of complex financial, economic, credit and investment products and exposures, often via Awbury Insurance Ltd., a multi-line Bermuda-domiciled insurance company and Awbury Insurance Company, a Delaware-domiciled specialty multi-line insurer

Backed by a panel of 25+ global (re)insurers, Awbury delivers large-scale, custom-tailored, risk and investment solutions for a range of client needs, including risk transfer, capital relief, balance sheet solutions, large scale investments, legacy position reduction/inventory management and “tall tree” exposure mitigation

A focus on complex opportunities has enabled Awbury to become a market leader in designing bespoke coverage for risks that do not naturally fit within existing insurance or bank offerings

Clients include large corporates, financial institutions such as banks, insurers and asset managers as well as governmental entities

The Awbury team has extensive experience in the fields of underwriting, deal structuring, complex credit risk assessment, capital and global risk program management, which allows for constant innovation, flexibility, and most importantly, timely delivery of executable transactions

The Awbury group of companies is comprised of the following: