Since its inception in 2010, Awbury has grown to become a leading provider of specialist financial lines and economic catastrophe (E-Cat) insurance. Backed by a panel of 20+ global (re)insurers, Awbury delivers large-scale, custom-tailored, 'A' rating quality insurance protection to sophisticated managers of complex risk. Typical insureds include multi-national corporations, global financial institutions and governmental entities.

Awbury designs and implements bespoke solutions across a range of risks not covered by traditional insurers, banks, and/or hedge funds, at a price that transforms difficult transactions and business lines into viable opportunities.

To date, the firm has delivered alternative collateral solutions (replacing traditional surety bonds and letters of credit), provided single-name and portfolio credit risk transfer across the credit spectrum, closed numerous bank capital relief transactions for institutions around the globe, and transacted in both funded and un-funded formats.

The Awbury team has extensive experience in the fields of underwriting, deal structuring, complex credit risk assessment, capital and global risk program management, which allows for constant innovation, flexibility, and most importantly, timely delivery of executable transactions.

The Awbury group of companies is comprised of the following: